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Why is recruiting still a “Pain-Point”?


There’s still a lot of confusion on how best to leverage digital recruiting tools, as well as lack of buy-in from business leaders to enable the organisation’s talent acquisition strategy due to budget constraints, yet on a weekly if not daily basis talent & recruitment continues to be a pain for HR teams & Line partners!

Based on my previous experience, leading talent teams & HRBPs, partnering with Line managers across all levels …hiring was consistently frustrating, challenging …teams spent days on end manually sourcing, screening & trying to match hundreds to thousands of CVs, especially, in high-volume recruiting sectors such as retail, hospitality, banking and customer services.

Digital recruiting is here comrades!!!

Digital recruiting automates low-value, repetitive tasks to allow hiring teams to focus their time, efforts on higher value priorities such as building talent pools, connecting and engaging with candidates, select the most suitable high potential candidates, whilst creating an amazing hiring experience for all!

Digitisation also offers the most dynamic approach/solutions to help streamline and automate business tasks that are most time-consuming.

The growing popularity of digitisation in recruiting presents a major opportunity for CHROs, business leaders, line partners, talent teams & HRBP to create a common understanding of how digitisation can positively impact business performance, effect operational efficiencies & improve employer brand experience.

Some key thoughts and considerations:

  • Understand your recruiting pain-points, find the right solution for your organisation or consider outsourcing to a competent & trusted partner
  • Do you have a digital talent acquisition strategy?
  • How are you preparing for a successful evolution into a more digital recruiting future
  • Are you ready for this increasingly disruptive digital economy and workforce?
  • Have you identified parts of your recruitment process you need to digitise/automate?

In summary, digitization efforts in recruiting are aimed at:

Transform the role of hiring teams (business leaders & talent/HR teams) and assume a more strategic approach such as proactive people planning initiatives, skills & competencies needed for future company growth, build talent pipeline rather than reactive recruiting.

  • Automate time-consuming and labour intensive processes
  •  Improve operational efficiencies and productivity, and
  • Attract the best quality talent – most candidates demand a more effortless, seamless & differentiated application experience.

Organisations who understand the value of digital recruiting will benefit greatly by adopting a strategic & proactive approach to acquiring talent, hire quality candidates, save time and improve employer brand experience & retention.

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